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At Answer-Rite Telecommunications we can take all of your showing calls 24 hours a day or on just the nights and weekends. All showings are immediately set by our telephone associates according to your instructions. If instructed to do so, your homeowners may also be notified by our staff of their showings. When a showing is set we forward the information to you by the message delivery option of your choice. Let us be your 24 hour showing coordinator.


At your request our telephone associates can call the showing agent for feedback on how the showing went. We then forward the feedback to you by the delivery option of your choice. Our current real estate agents find this very valuable information to get those contracts put on their listings. There is no additional charge for this service, it is simply counted as one call. We can customize your showing coordinator service to your unique needs.


Our staff is trained to manage every type of emergency that may happen on your property. All calls are professionally managed according to your specific instructions. Phone calls classified as emergencies or maintenance issues are immediately delivered to your on-call staff.